Simplifying and Securing

Enterprise Infrastructure

Enterprise Endpoints

Private Clouds

Connected Things

Simplifying and Securing

Enterprise Infrastructure

Enterprise Endpoints

Private Clouds

Connected Things

We are a software provider that has set out to “Simplify and Secure the Enterprise Infrastructure”. Today’s enterprise infrastructure spans mobile devices, PCs, tablets, servers, clouds and increasingly connected devices. We create the most flexible and customizable software to manage and secure this complex infrastructure for every enterprise


Securing the
Connected Enterprise


  • Single pane view of endpoint security & management throughout enterprise
  • Configure, patch, secure and manage upwards of 50,000 endpoints
  • Find critical information within seconds, not days
  • Ability to detect, identify and remediate threats in real-time

Enterprise Clouds


  • Quickly and easily deploy turnkey private and public clouds, no vendor lock-in
  • Orchestrate both traditional and cloud-based enterprise services on demand,
    from a single unified cloud management platform
  • Open and flexible architecture scales to thousands of servers & virtual machines

Bringing Connected
Things to Life


  • Create service-oriented IoT applications; apps with partner APIs
  • Build your own IoT PaaS with APIs to
    share data and insight with third-party providers
  • Monetize IoT data and services by building rich partner ecosystems
  • Deliver your IoT solutions on popular public and private clouds


  • Cooperative Systems has partnered with Accelerite for offsite backup and disaster recovery since 2013.  We have evaluated quite a few partners in this space, and consider Accelerite the best option for quick, reliable cloud recovery. The ability to bring a customer’s environments online in the cloud within minutes of a disaster affords us a competitive advantage when presenting our managed services offering to potential clients.

    Cooperative Systems
    Cooperative Systems
  • We moved away from Zenith since it no longer provided us with a reliable backup and DR solution. Consistent and predictable DR testing in the rCloud sandbox to show customers tangible value. Reliability, stability, predictability, support, and performance.

    Innovative Computing Systems
    Innovative Computing Systems
  • “Accelerite CloudPlatform meets the stringent needs of customers when it comes to scalability and performance”

  • “In our experience Accelerite CloudPlatform is proven, simple and easy to deploy. This means we have customers up and running faster and staying with the platform longer”

  • “Accelerite’s CloudPlatform 4.7 release will simplify deployments for enterprises cloud service providers, delivering a platform that provides a rage of pre-integrated, value-added services that can speed time to market and results”

    William Fellows
    William Fellows VP Research
  • Since acquiring Citrix CloudPlatform, Accelerite has Changed the Game for the Product with a clear strategy and bold vision backed by experienced engineering resources. I'm excited about their roadmap and look forward to working together!

    Ian Rae
    Ian Rae CEO, CloudOps
  • Accelerite’s support for Microsoft AZURE environments within its Concert IoT service enabling platform offers value to the expanding community of AZURE users and partners.  Concert IoT is meant to serve as an enabling layer that rides “on-top” of the expanding set of IoT features Microsoft can now deliver via the AZURE IOT suite.   The API management and monetization services that Concert IoT brings to Azure environments which will be crucial to unlocking value for developers and service providers as the IoT industry matures.  Microsoft’s incumbency across all vertical industries and the growing market share of AZURE in cloud services made it a natural target for prioritized support from Accelerite.

    Brian Partridge
    Brian Partridge Vice President



Accelerite User Summit 2017

January 25th – 27th, 2017
Miami, Florida, United States

3-days of interactive sessions with product architects, technical experts, best practices shared by your peers, training and sharing product updates and roadmap for 2017.

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