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Accelerite’s GM of Endpoint Security business, Samir Agarwal explains ‘ATM Jackpotting’ and all the possible mitigation mechanisms in this Forbes article.

ATM ‘Jackpotting’ Attacks

Reveal Deeper Problems

Infrastructure software for the digital enterprise that allows enterprise CXO to shift the spotlight from efficiency to innovation by retooling every IT asset for agility



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As today’s enterprises undergo digital transformation, their data centers
must evolve by adopting new technologies and architectures. Rovius is
the next generation cloud–inspired hybrid cloud platform which
provides virtually unlimited data center capacity, at a lower
total cost of ownership.

Scott McNealy


Since acquiring Citrix CloudPlatform, Accelerite has Changed the Game
for the Productwith a clear strategy and bold vision backed by
experienced engineering resources.I'm excited about their
roadmap and look forward to working together!

Ian Rae

CEO, CloudOps


“Accelerite’s CloudPlatform 4.7 release will simplify deployments for
enterprises cloud service providers, delivering a platform that
provides a rage of pre-integrated, value-added services that
can speed time to market and results”

William Fellows

VP Research , 451 Research


“In our experience Accelerite CloudPlatform is proven, simple and
easy to deploy. This means we have customers up and running
faster and staying with the platform longer”


“Accelerite CloudPlatform meets the stringent needs of customers
when it comes to scalability and performance”


We moved away from Zenith since it no longer provided us with a
reliable backup and DR solution. Consistent and predictable DR
testing in the rCloud sandbox to show customers tangible value.
Reliability, stability, predictability, support, and performance.

Innovative Computing Systems


Cooperative Systems has partnered with Accelerite for offsite backup
and disaster recovery since 2013. We have evaluated quite a few
partners in this space,and consider Accelerite the best option
for quick, reliable cloud recovery.The ability to bring a
customer’s environments online in the cloud within
minutes of a disaster affords us a competitive
advantage when presenting our managed
services offering to potential clients.

Cooperative Systems

What’s new ?
Rovius Cloud Appliances give enterprises a head-start in the cloud, with pre-configured, certified hardware that eliminates compatibility issues.
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Rovius Cloud Appliances Accelerate Enterprise Cloud Deployment

January 23, 2018.Marketing Accelerite

Meet us in the exhibit hall at the Cornerstones of Trust Conference hosted by the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA)...
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Gold Sponsors at The Cornerstones of Trust Conference
ATM Jackpotting and many other similar cybercrimes are not likely...
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ATM Jackpotting: Financial Institutions Lose Money and Trust

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