WannaCry Ransomware Attack: Instant Visibility as the Perfect Antidote

Protect against WannaCry Ransomware attack with Accelerite Sentient

WanaCrypt0r (WannaCry) is a massive cyberattack that has been spreading across the globe since Friday, May 12th. Accelerite Sentient can help identify vulnerable or affected machines within seconds, and enable instant remediation via in-place patch deployment. The entire operation can be completed within minutes, securing and safeguarding your enterprise against this heinous cyberattack.

Sentient provides a simple query and response interface that can gather information from hundreds of thousands of Windows machines within seconds. Sentient provides IT and security teams with up-to-the-minute visibility, enabling them to be fully secure within a matter of minutes from detection to remediation.

  • Get full picture of exposure and vulnerability of your organization in seconds
  • Get statistics by geography, subnets and more around exposure to the ransomware
  • Provide in-depth insights and ready reports to your management around WannaCry impact
  • Remediate instantly from a single console without delay

Sentient provides real-time endpoint insights for timely actions. Know more

How Sentient works

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Existing Sentient or Radia customer? Read the following KB article on Accelerite support portal.

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