Two distinct areas of concern emerge front and center for most IT and Security teams



What is happening on my devices – now? How can I find out right now versus when I get a report, or worse, when something bad has already happened?



I know of a problem on many of my devices, but how do I fix it rapidly? The three or four day window that used to be acceptable in the past is no longer so.

Unfortunately, the problem seems to be getting worse rather than better.
This is where Sentient Realtime See and Fix comes to the rescue.

Securing every endpoint

Sentient Realtime See and Fix provides a 360 degree solution, and is a critical asset in improving the security posture of your organization.


Be able to fix what you need to fix. Now.

You know of the rogue file that has to be removed, or the process that has to be terminated, or the registry value that has to be restored, or whatever else that needs to happen right now. Sentient See and Fix allows you to define and execute such a fix in seconds, and you can be sure because you can also check the progress and results in real time. Furthermore, you can experiment with and create arbitrary workflows that are critical to threat hunting and the more day to day IT and security needs. Once defined, you can replay them over and over.

Do not miss out on any harbingers

There are things you don’t ever think about checking, but you need to know when they happen. Consider a signed device driver update process. You don’t expect unusual alerts, but if you get multiple alerts, your network is perhaps under a zero-day attack.

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Find what you need to know. Now.

Execute any of the hundreds of queries to find which devices have a file, a process, a registry value, an open port admin rights, … really anything. Find additional details such as which machines have not rebooted in the last 7 days, and when did they last reboot. If you can’t find the right query for your need from the hundreds available out of the box, no sweat; go write your own! Deploy it within seconds, and execute it within seconds.

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