Robust Desired State Management for all Corporate Endpoints

Support for the widest range of operating systems and devices of any unified endpoint management and security solution

Unlimited scalability and reliability – from hundreds to more than 500,000 endpoints delivered through a robust three-tier architecture

Ensure endpoint security with the latest software and OS patches, accurate configurations and full compliance with corporate policies

Single-pane-of-glass management for all endpoints

The only truly integrated, scalable unified endpoint management and security platform employing desired state management for all your endpoints.

Robust patch management to stay on top of updates

Sentient Patch Management helps you stay on top of your OS and software patch updates. Now you can utilize peer-to-peer functionality to reduce bandwidth usage for the large cumulative updates, or do selective and differential updates from the Sentient console.

Endpoint discovery and inventory

Sentient provides comprehensive agent-based and agentless device discovery and inventory, and works seamlessly with existing asset management tools and databases. The IT administrator always has a 360-degree view of devices and assets spread throughout the organization with out-of-the-box reports.


End-user Self-service Managed Closely by Administrators

Sentient provides powerful self-service capabilities to end users for them to install pre-approved software as their need arises based on their profile, group, location, department and more. This enables large-scale software distribution without large staffing requirements from IT without losing fine-grained control over the updates and compliance.
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Operating System Management

Sentient Operating System management functionality enables quick setup and migration of operating systems and its updates using gold image with approved agents, patches, applications and more.
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Software and Application Management

Automatically deploy, modify or remove software based on desired state you want for your endpoints. Sentient allows for ongoing software update, verification and repair. Applications can be deployed without the need for repackaging, you can create pre-defined templates for endpoints or groups and use regular content updates from the Accelerite Content Network (ACN).
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Experience the power of Sentient Endpoint Management to maintain desired state across all your corporate endpoints.

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