Security & Forensics

Provide an endpoint security detail coverage
to your customers

Real-time Intelligence for Maximum Endpoint Security

Attackers and cyber criminals today are increasingly focused on where business critical applications and valuable data reside — the vulnerable endpoints of an enterprise. To safeguard their customers engagement from potential security threats, managed service providers must have real-time information from these endpoints. After all, as security experts realize, “Identifying a problem is often the hardest part of fixing it.”

Accelerite Sentient enables managed service providers to deliver real-time detection, analysis and forensics to their customers, improving endpoint security and minimizing risk. With deep visibility into each and every customer endpoint, service providers can quickly find and fix critical security and configuration issues that could otherwise remain hidden.

Proactive operations and security for your customers

  • Instantly detect and report the latest known vulnerabilities in the form of rogue files, processes and harmful configurations in your customers’ endpoints
  • Run regular scans and audits of customer devices for security tools, such as anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewalls and more
  • Gain real-time visibility into your customer’s IT infrastructure with comprehensive reports on exact status and health of endpoints
  • Gather detailed forensic information on endpoints as part of security investigations
  • Contain compromised endpoints before they cause significant damage to your customer’s business

Accelerite’s Sentient Endpoint Management Platform enables your IT services teams to proactively uncover, analyze and diffuse potential threats in your customers’ endpoint network, while operating a cost-effective security model. You reduce security incidents in your customers’ endpoint network, minimize downtimes and financial losses due to data breaches.

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