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Enabling Private Clouds & On-Premises Cloud Data Centers

Private Cloud Data Center powered by Cloudstack

As companies evaluate cloud infrastructure alternatives, many prefer to deploy a private cloud dedicated solely to their organization, with on-premises cloud resources and mission-critical data and apps managed by their own IT department.

Depending upon the specific needs of your industry, considerations such as government regulatory requirements that mandate how your organization uses and stores sensitive data or the need for unfettered access to cloud resources across geographical boundaries may dictate deploying a private cloud.

In addition, IT departments transitioning to the cloud must be prepared to offer higher level cloud services than basic compute, storage and networking. Today’s companies want services beyond IaaS, such as PaaS, SaaS, DBaaS, Hadoop as a Service, and Container as a Service (CaaS) , to name a few.

Can an enterprise IT department deploy a private cloud – easily, within hours or days — with the sophisticated services commonly available from providers of public clouds? And still provide a healthy ROI?

Accelerite’s turnkey private cloud solution, powered by open source Apache CloudStackTM software, competes with any public cloud in terms of functionality, cost and ease-of-use

Cloudstack powered Private Cloud

  • No vendor lock-in. Leverage your existing hardware, virtualization and storage or select from your vendor of choice. Map data centers, racks and servers to zones and pods
  • Multi-tenant self-service improves IT service delivery. LDAP/AD integration automates cloud services access
  • DevOps agile cloud infrastructure. Spin up and tear down development and QA test environments in minutes for quicker time-to-market for both internal and commercial applications
  • Application-centric for any workload. Run production workloads, including vGPU-based 3D graphics applications, with enterprise-grade plugins to NetScaler load balancers
  • Quota-based resource governance. Plan and allocate resources according to changing demands
  • Monitor infrastructure usage.  Provide users real-time visibility and produce historical usage reports
  • Scalability.  Keep pace with rapidly growing enterprise requirements and scale easily to thousands of servers

Accelerite’s unified cloud services orchestration platform, Rovius CP, is the cost-effective solution that streamlines secure private cloud deployment and accelerates business innovation, agility and efficiency.

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