Struggling with the Kiosk endpoint management?

Burdened by the unanticipated financial losses on kiosk operations?

Unable to fulfill your customers’ demands because of unplanned downtime?

Running a risky business on vulnerable kiosks?

Remotely Secure, Manage and Maintain Kiosk Endpoints

Accelerite Sentient is a remote Kiosk management solution that provides a solid foundation for well managed Kiosks. It is equipped with a seamless mechanism for patch distribution for security and addressing vulnerabilities across. It can also be used for software updates and up-to-date feature distribution to remote kiosks to ensure kiosks are providing desired customer experience.

The remote kiosks are prone to running


Sentient Kiosk Management Highlights

  • In-place detection and remediation
  • Scalability and reliability
  • Proactive alert of threats
  • Realtime information
  • Dynamic graphical representation
  • Natural language query processing

ATM Jackpotting solution

Accelerite Sentient is an extensible security framework that creates impenetrable lines of defense with instant tampering alert, halting of cash flow, and ATM shut down.
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