Field Services Optimization, Management
and Customer Satisfaction

Improve your field services performance

Today’s customers are less tolerant when an outage or service disruption occurs and expect prompt resolution. With growing competitive alternatives, enterprises must enhance and optimize their field services operation to ensure a consistently smooth customer experience. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance.

Accelerite’s Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) enables enterprises to deliver predictable and better customer service – the best way to satisfy your customers.

Empower dispatch to increase productivity
and reduce operation costs

Efficient dispatch and real-time field alerts enables supervisors and dispatchers to optimize their field resources. Location-aware dispatch ensures less time is spent in travel, creating more time to serve customers. Skill-aware dispatch ensures that your most highly-skilled and expensive resources are allocated most effectively.

Empower field service professionals for better customer service

With Accelerite MWM, field service professionals have quick access to the right information, at the right time. Critical data, such as updated customer history, enables field service professionals to deliver superior service to customers. Employees can push updates from the field, providing real-time task updates to office supervisors.

Minimize business impact with timely event response

Unusual and unexpected field events can expose businesses to risks, such as loss of revenue, unwarranted costs, employee dissatisfaction and above all – customer dissatisfaction. Accelerite MWM senses unusual field events and enables automated actions for a timely response. Define your own events, use built-in events, or use an external application to trigger an event. Convert selective events into automated actions, based on thresholds. Send an SMS or email to concerned people or notify external applications over simple RESTful APIs – an existing monitoring system or an IoT-enabled buzzer alert.

Quick start with ready-to-use customizations and APIs

Each industry has its own unique set of business processes and terminologies. With readily-available customizations, Accelerite MWM can quickly fit within your existing business requirements through configurations that include white-labeling, customized workflows, custom forms and reports for each tenant. With a host of capabilities available over industry standard RESTful APIs, your enterprise can quickly and easily deploy the Accelerite MWM platform.

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