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Measure, manage, and analyze marketing campaign effectiveness and improve ROI

Marketing today needs taking decisions based on high-volume and high-velocity data. With a huge amount of data created in real-time every day, marketing teams need the right tools to analyze and optimize operations.

Accelerite ShareInsights

Bring together all marketing data from multiple channels and run complex big data analysis in no time. ShareInsights allows marketers to prepare and analyze data themselves and view it as highly visual dashboards for rapid and accurate decision-making.

With ShareInsights, marketers can:

  • Improve campaign effectiveness, increase revenue, and optimize spends with one single tool
  • Collate data from web analytics, CRM, ad platforms and social media to test hypotheses and find patterns
  • Unify varied analytics operations like data processing, storage, and visualization within one tool, and reduce dependency on others
  • Achieve 70% faster time to insights to support marketing workflows, create a positive feedback loop, and improve A/B tests
  • Collaborate with team members to analyze results on real-time data, share information and initiate discussions using an interactive dashboard and self-service interface

How It Works

ShareInsights cuts through the multiple steps that involve data analysts, BI developers, ETL developers and others to collapse the process into a single easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface involving no programming. ShareInsights works on high speed streamed content as well as high volume static data. See how a media house improved their audience engagement by analyzing multi-channel data using ShareInsights.

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