Concert IoT Service Creation & Enrichment Platform: Industry Solutions

Accelerite’s Concert IoT platform is a service creation and enrichment fabric for designing service-oriented IoT applications (SOIAs), capable of building and monetizing a rich ecosystem of partner apps using data and insight from your devices.


IoT apps created using Concert IoT’s GUIs and Visual Designers accelerate time to market and reduce coding to help enterprises compete and lead in specialized and demanding markets. However, Concert IoT offers so much more — the API management, payments and partner settlements needed to create and monetize thriving, revenue-generating IoT application ecosystems.

Engineered to build an IoT application ecosystem, the Concert IoT platform provides service-orientation application development, enabling the IoT app itself – the SOIA – to generate additional revenue through a PaaS model. Deliver your IoT solutions on popular public and private clouds, including AWS IoT, Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, IBM Watson IoT, to enable use cases across industries.

Concert’s IoT service creation & enhancement platform lets you build an application ecosystem, optimized for your market and enriched by your data.



  • Monitoring manufacturing equipment to ensure optimal productivity and utilization
  • Ensuring best-in-class customer support by remote monitoring of your products deployed in remote customer locations
  • Tracking your vehicles picking up components and delivering finished products to distributors


Retailers and Distribution Operations

  • Monitoring status of Point of Sale (POS) equipment
  • Operation of IP-enabled security cameras
  • Tracking your trucks between distribution centers and store locations


Supply Chain/Logistics

  • Tracking and reducing fuel costs by ensuring optimal route compliance
  • Reducing insurance liabilities by monitoring for unsafe driving
  • Reducing maintenance costs by monitoring vehicular diagnostic data


Smart City

  • Monitor public transit fleets for superior service
  • Manage parking and road traffic congestion
  • AVLS of emergency response vehicles
  • Energy conservation and safety for municipal buildings

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