Optimize Cloud Infrastructure

Optimize Cloud Infrastructure Utilization with Analytics Platform

The Challenge

In today’s era of enterprise clouds and ever changing storage and cloud infrastructure optimization requirements, cloud operations managers and cloud business owners are sure to face these challenges:

  • Lack of in-depth information on infrastructure utilization
  • Sub-optimal utilization of hardware infrastructure
  • Lack of historic data to analyze periodicity or seasonality in usage patterns
  • Inability to accurately predict current usage for future provisioning
  • Difficulties apportioning hardware costs for internal charge back, based on usage

The Solution

CapacityInsights – Optimize your cloud Infrastructure with better visibility, control and predictability

Based on Accelerite’s trademark ShareInsights Big Data Analytics platform, CapacityInsights is a comprehensive analytics solution that provides in depth insights into the utilization of your physical and virtual infrastructure. Understand how your cloud assets are actually deployed indifferent perspectives by capturing and analyzing data streams from your cloud infrastructure. CapacityInsights analyzes data both at the physical cloud infrastructure layer, as well as at the hypervisor and VM layer.

Optimize Cloud Infrastructure Utilization with CapacityInsight Analytics Platform

CapacityInsights Highlights:

Optimize cloud infrastructure resource utilization, proactive risk assessment, and a 360 degree view of your infrastructure makes your job easier

  • Easily and effectively monitor the usage to optimize cloud infrastructure components through easy to understand graphical dashboards.
  • Plan and track your cloud infrastructure with status updates of underutilized and stressed VMs, ensuring nothing is missed.
  • Identify operations slack and improve ROI by using underutilized infrastructure components. [Discovering which machines are slack is as easy as noticing the red light on the dashboard!
  • Recommends VM right sizing, based on historical data
  • Recommends hard-lock (dedicated capacity) and ballooning (more elastic capacity), based on specific usage patterns
  • Detects stress, abnormality and seasonality in VM usage, reducing likelihood of unexpected issues
  • Provides a unified view of your cloud infrastructure to help you plan capacity effectively


  • Anytime, anywhere access to monitor your cloud infrastructure parameter
  • Reduce costs up to 38% through better predictions and slack management
  • Increase utilization of hardware infrastructure
  • Improve predictability of future infrastructure demands
  • Better strategic planning of your total cloud resources, based on historical data

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