Safeguard yourself against ATM Jackpotting, before it is too late.

Sentient Endpoint Security

Impenetrable defense lines

to protect you against ATM


Accelerite’s GM of Endpoint Security business, Samir Agarwal explains ‘ATM Jackpotting’ and all the possible mitigation mechanisms in this Forbes article.

Instant tampering alert

Get automatic alerts with Sentient the moment someone opens the ATM top hat to access the processor within. Raise an alarm or get law enforcement involved when you are notified of an open hat without a corresponding open ticket.

Halt cash flow

Trigger an ATM shut down with Sentient and freeze cash dispensing as soon as the bad guys pull out the ATM hard disk from the computer. Sentient saves this information in the security operation center, and if the ATM is re-booted, Sentient detects that too and shuts it down to ensure that no one siphons off cash.

Create a dead-end

Get a final line of defense which checks if the antivirus was tampered with, and if it was tampered with, Sentient shuts down the ATM again and continues this process until it gets an all-clear from the server. Sentient then checks itself for any damages and fixes those too.

Safeguard yourself against ATM Jackpotting before it is too late.

Not sure if ATM Jackpotting affects you? Watch this video

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