Accelerite Sentient is an extensible security framework that mitigates the ATM Jackpotting problem by creating impenetrable lines of defense with instant tampering alert, halting of cash flow, and ATM shut down.

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Watch how Sentient mitigates the ATM Jackpotting problem by creating multiple lines of defense.

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Financial institutions lose
money and trust

Every forecast indicates that society should only expect ATM Jackpotting attacks to increase. Ostensibly, the bank just loses some money across multiple such jackpotting attacks. However, the real cost is much higher. With every such incident, the bank loses trust with its customers.

Read the whitepaper to understand how banks can address the ATM Jackpotting problem today and safeguard themselves against the next vulnerability.

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ATM jackpotting attacks reveal deeper problems

Accelerite’s GM of Endpoint Security business, Samir Agarwal, explains ‘ATM Jackpotting’ and all the possible mitigation mechanisms in this Forbes article.

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Protect your ATMs against jackpotting attacks before it is too late.

Accelerite Sentient

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