Concert Nurture Newsletter March, 2017

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Concert Nurture Newsletter March, 2017

We predict technology that will be picking up steam over the upcoming 12 months & be an engine of growth for enterprises: Cloud Computing.


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We have curated some of the most interesting articles on IoT that are a must read. In this edition, we bring to you an interesting insight from IBM Interconnect, we will also talk about IoT in lean manufacturing, applications of Industrial IoT and many more.

Eight Vendors Driving Disruption In The IBM Ecosystem

At the recent InterConnect conference, IBM provided its ecosystem of independent software vendor (ISV) and consulting partners with the opportunity to show how their wares integrated with or supported various products on Big Blue’s extensive product line. Read this article to know 8 vendors are driving disruption in the IBM EcoSystem.

Industrial IoT all set to turbocharge lean manufacturing

Lean manufacturing a management philosophy emerged from the Japanese manufacturing sector and specifically Toyota Production System focuses on the reduction of waste to improve overall customer value. With the latest trends in technology, the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), could give lean efforts a major boost. IoT opens up all kinds of possibilities, such as the ability to monitor the performance of products after they have been purchased to ensure adequate maintenance and customer satisfaction.

Top 5 applications for the industrial internet of things

The growth of the internet of things (IoT) is drastically changing how consumers interact with their cars, homes and appliances. The industrial internet of things (IIoT) takes IoT technologies and directly applies them to industrial concerns and in the process improves efficiency and productivity. Developments in the IIoT environment over the next few years can be expected to increase adoption further.

Building The Internet of Things: Overabundance Of Access Technologies

Are you overwhelmed yet? Fortunately, the industry quickly recognized that we can’t go through each building block in a solution and ask basic questions like those above without a decoder ring. Thus, we’ve started to converge on a common IoT framework. That IoT framework is not just a slick marketing gimmick. It actually represents the way serious IoT players think about issues such as architectures, terminology, and logical blocks.

5 technologies that are making farms smarter and more efficient than ever before

“Making the smart farming concept ubiquitous requires some work that could come from government policy,” said Saverio Romeo, who has researched how agriculture is adopting the Internet of Things approach to agriculture.

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