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We predict technology that will be picking up steam over the upcoming 12 months & be an engine of growth for enterprises: Cloud Computing.


We are happy to collate and share some of the recent IoT articles. In this edition we are mainly talking about 4.0 and IIoT. Hope you enjoy the articles we share.

Why Everyone Must Get Ready For The 4th Industrial Revolution

Some call it the fourth industrial revolution, or industry 4.0, but whatever you call it, it represents the combination of cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things, and the Internet of Systems. In short, it is the idea of smart factories in which machines are augmented with web connectivity and connected to a system that can visualize the entire production chain and make decisions on its own. And it’s well on its way and will change most of our jobs.

Creating New Opportunities with the IoT, Big Data and Cloud Ecosystem

The amount of information collected and made available via the IoT (Internet of Things) systems, Cloud and Big Data forms an ecosystem of data. The technologies are used to receive, store and process various data from various sources, and the collected and made available information creates new opportunities, both for already established businesses and start-ups.

Industry 4.0 demystified—lean’s next level

Amid digital disruption, five principles can help companies find tangible value in Industry 4.0 solutions. Organizations will use reinvigorated lean methods to implement a new way of working for three dimensions that have long been recognized as pivotal: technical systems (processes and tools), management systems (organization and performance management), and people systems (capabilities, mind-sets, and behavior). In addition, a new dimension concerned with data, IT, and connectivity will emerge as another core value driver. In other words, Industry 4.0 can be understood as digitally enabled lean.

How to turn the IoT into a good business strategy

The Internet of Things is no longer science fiction – it’s how we live. Companies that adapt fast and capitalize on the growing amount of data and information made available through IoT will thrive. In this article, Rick Delgado explains how you can leverage IoT for better business results.

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