New Live Webinar: Accelerite Presents

How A No-Code Data Analytics Tool Allows ANYONE to use AWS Analytics to Deliver Actionable Insights In Minutes Instead of Weeks…

We Will Take You By The Hand to Show Exactly How Anyone can use AWS Services like EMR, GLUE, Athena, Redshift and Sagemaker to Deliver Insights Without Any Prior Coding Experience.

Thursday,November 1st @ 10:30AM PST

Only 200 Spots Very limited webinar…

Charles Araujo Intellyx Top Data Analyst

100% Free-One Time Webinar

What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar:

How to explore your data in your AWS Data Lake

Visually slice and dice your data on lake and publish relevant data sets

How to reduce your time to create actionable insights

You will learn how to perform complex data transformations and visualization using no-code visual design

How to manage costs effectively on AWS

You will learn how to use native AWS technologies to deliver best performance at lowest cost

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