Targeted segments using self-service analytics drive up conversion rates at Cisco


Who is Cisco?

The worldwide leader
in IT and networking

Cisco develops, manufactures, and sells

High Technology
Software and Services

Headquartered in San Francisco

Cisco Headquater
Cisco Headquater

Generates more than $48 billion in revenue annually


Cisco understands that the data it has around customers, products, and network activity represents priceless business intelligence.

The Challenge

Product telemetry data available to Cisco runs into terabytes and the company wants to use it meaningfully to add much more depth to its standalone marketing campaigns.

To increase customer engagement and stem customer attrition in a highly competitive business environment, Cisco wants to run marketing campaigns that target a highly relevant, customized audience with tailored messages.

The current marketing tools and operations rely primarily on CRM and contact information and the company wants to include inputs coming from other customer-related sources.

The team wants to accurately time cross-selling campaigns using other customer-centric data such as contract renewals, product usage, support, website tracking, and customer interactions

They also wish to reduce dependence on IT for cross-linking data and running complex analysis.

The Challenge



The Solution

Accelerite ShareInsights was the solution of choice for Cisco due to its ability to combine and analyze marketing data with terabytes of other data such as contract renewal cycles, support tickets, product usage and ERP data through simple drag-and- drop controls that eliminate IT dependency.

With Accelerite ShareInsights, marketing analysts and campaign managers at Cisco are able to better understand their customer behavior, create finer target segments and run effective campaigns.

Marketing analysts at Cisco now create segment templates based on datasets from seven other enterprise systems outside of traditional marketing sources.

Unstructured sources such as web analytics and telemetry data are also included, effectively adding terabytes of new data for analysis.


Campaign managers use the ShareInsights dashboard to compare various templates and filter down to create granular segments. They design campaigns in alignment with customers’ buying journey and corporate interactions instead of running only canned and periodic offers.

With ShareInsights, campaign managers now predict a churn propensity score and customer lifetime value using drag and drop machine learning algorithms.

Marketing analysts and campaign managers continually share datasets, data pipelines, and dashboards to build on each others’ work and refine segments.

The IT team securely exposes data coming from ERP, customer support ticketing system, contracts database and other Hadoop sources to convert it into datasets for use by analysts.


The Results


Push messages around the most relevant product to the right prospects at the right time

Average deal size
targeted offers and timely cross-selling/up

Annual contract renewals increased by 12% and average deal size saw an increase of 15% with targeted offers and timely cross-selling/up- selling campaigns.


With ShareInsights, Cisco’s marketing campaigns saw a substantial increase in click-through rates, open rates, and conversions in offer pages.


ShareInsights established a collaborative platform for analysts and campaign managers to continually refine their segmentation, targeting and messaging without depending on IT.


IT is able to provide secure, self-service access to IT-approved datasets from various sources to the marketing team while ensuring adequate control.

Why Choose Accelerite


ShareInsights makes it easy for anyone to explore, transform, and visualize big data on Hadoop or Amazon Web Services (AWS) data lakes in minutes.

Its ability to design powerful big data transformation pipelines (including machine learning models) with no coding or infrastructure complexity makes it the most comprehensive platform for accelerating time-to-insight.

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About Accelerite

Accelerite is a Silicon Valley based company delivering secure business-critical infrastructure software for Global 1000 enterprises. Accelerite’s product suite includes hybrid cloud infrastructure, endpoint security, big data analytics, and the Internet of Things. To know more about Accelerite ShareInsights visit:

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