Share Insights

End-to-end big data analytics from raw data to actionable insights

Rapid data preparation, processing, visualization, machine learning, and collaboration on one integrated self-service platform.

Creating a Data Transformation Pipeline in Seconds with ShareInsights

Pull data from any source, merge datasets with smart joins, apply transformations, and build your data pipeline in seconds using drag and drop controls. From simple filters to sophisticated machine learning algorithms, ShareInsights offers a library of 60+ widgets, 100+ tasks, and 30+ data connectors to speed up data pipeline creation.

Finding and publishing useful datasets in seconds with ShareInsights

Explore and understand massive datasets visually with ShareInsights’ interactive data lake explorer. Drill down, slice and dice data, perform aggregations and view the results instantly with easy-to-consume charts.

Creating insightful dashboards in ShareInsights

Rapidly build powerful dashboards with a comprehensive widget library that includes an array of fundamental charts as well as advanced visualizations. Convert raw cluttered datasets into clear, insightful dashboards that let you promptly spot trends and outliers without writing any code.

Using advanced predictive analytics models in ShareInsights, without any coding

Drag and drop powerful machine learning algorithms to analyze your data or build your own models using R and Python. Empower business users and data scientists alike to apply smarter predictive models without any programming and reap insights within hours, not months.

Easily modifying dashboards in ShareInsights

Customize your dashboard any way you like in a few easy clicks with ShareInsights’ intuitive layout editor. Move your charts around, change their dimensions, and filter data interactively to create dashboards that unearth insights right away.

Share Insights

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