Powerful self-service analytics platform for
faster time to insights

Self-service analytics and BI beyond just visualization

data analytics as a service shareinsights accelerite

Not just visualization, now enjoy a self-service interface that goes across the analytics spectrum to include data discovery, data pipeline, data preparation, and machine learning.

Drag-and-drop your way to data pipelines

Use the interactive, metadata-based designer with a drag and drop interface to create data pipelines. Use programming or SQL only if you need to.

Highly intuitive interface to move
seamlessly between data and

Easily manoeuvre and try out various combinations
between your data, pipeline and dashboard with in-place
designer and visualization. Tear down the silos!

Freedom from IT…
without compromising on their control
analytics as a service providers shareinsights accelerite

Self-service analytics tool that helps you break the shackles and independently reshape data, run hypotheses, drill down and find
patterns through built-in connectors. Don’t worry, IT-approved datasets and processes remain as safe as ever.

Rich library of widgets and tasks
big data analytics as a service shareinsights accelerite

Capitalize on a library of 60+ widgets, 100+ tasks, and 30+
data connectors straight out of the box. Use the simplest of
filters to the most complex machine learning algorithms to
build analysis on the fly from a single interface.

Experience the power of self-service
analytics and BI today
Align disparate teams and tear down data silos with fluid collaboration

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