Data Insights with Hadoop Infrastructure and Architecture


big data solutions shareinsights accelerite

Harness the power of your existing Hadoop infrastructure right off
the bat – no customizations and no extra hardware is needed to
run ShareInsights. Our role-based access takes care of data
consistency, so you hit the ground running on day 1.

Support for a wide range of Hadoop distributions and tools
data analytics as a service shareinsights accelerite

Work seamlessly with any Hadoop distribution and tool of your
choice including the latest versions of Apache Spark, Pig, Hive,
and all major Hadoop distributions and software. You work on
your data while we take care of the rest.

Deployment that is a breeze!
big data analysis services shareinsights accelerite

Get your deployment up and running using your existing
Hadoop credentials and with minimal IT involvement.
Deploy on the cloud or on-premises without any additional
software on the cluster.

Say goodbye to endless data movement in and out of your cluster
advantages of big data as a service shareinsights accelerite

Analyze big data with Hadoop without any movement of data or processing power outside your cluster, even for visualization! Get full line of sight visibility to your data, and ensure compliance to high data governance standards by retaining data and compute within a single enclosure.

Efficiency and performance like
never before!
big data solutions companies shareinsights accelerite

Experience high performance big data analysis using Hadoop through the entire lifecycle… from preparation and analysis to visualization and sharing. Uncover insights faster than ever before.

Turn your data-rich Hadoop environment into insights that run the business
Scale your analytics seamlessly with robust security and governance at every step

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