Analyze terabytes of data in minutes by running OLAP operations directly over Hadoop. With zero data latency, processing of massive data volumes becomes as quick as a flash. Eliminate endless, time-consuming data movement and cube building – begin working with data the moment it becomes available.

Easy data integration with drag and drop

Combine the right data using big data integration from the right source easily and instantly using simple drag and drop controls. Devote your time and energy to analyses, not overcoming data integration issues.

Analyze any data with a rich library of connectors

Experience the freedom of pulling data from virtually any data source using our vast library of connectors. Structured or unstructured, streaming or stored, CSV, ORC, or Hadoop, directly load data in any format and get to work, within minutes!

Smart joins that combine data painlessly

Use datasets that come alive with smart, automatic merges. Discover deeper intelligence through guided merging of datasets with accurate joins, at lightning-fast speed.

Part of a whole with ready integrations and ready-to- integrate APIs

Easily and quickly ingest data via ready inbound integrations from your big data infrastructure. Use the platform APIs to create extensions to other IT systems for seamless operations.

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Experience the flexibility of analyzing data from any source with ease

Gain more from your existing Hadoop infrastructure, without any customizations

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