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Perform and scale seamlessly with big data

Perform and scale seamlessly with big data

Put the linear scale-up offered by big data technologies to use – for both data and compute. Use commodity hardware and enjoy high performance interactive enterprise analytics on big data.

Analytics governance to bolster data governance

Analytics governance to bolster data governance

IT gets all the visibility and tracking they need along the way even as there is minimal hindrance to users. The system intelligently gathers and updates all the necessary information to keep things running.

Support for a wide architectural range

Support for a wide architectural range

Align analytics with your IT architecture not just in terms of your Hadoop distribution but also your database. Leverage software that works incredibly well with your existing infrastructure

Part of a whole with ready integrations and ready-to-integrate APIs

Easily ingest data via ready inbound integrations from your big data infrastructure. Use the platform APIs for creating tool extensions. Build a bridge to other IT systems for seamless operations.

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Easy and painless deployment

Get your deployment up and running using your existing Hadoop credentials and with minimal IT involvement. Deploy on the cloud or on-premises without any additional software on the cluster.

Security that runs across the entire analytics lifecycle

Use fine-grained access to data and dashboards through role-based access, authentication, versioning, and more. Ensure safety and security of your data from datasets to dashboards and back.

Robustness and reliability that is unmatched

A platform that has been tested on numerous production workloads of hundreds of terabytes and deployed on clusters of hundreds of nodes. Need we say more?

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