Big Data Analytics as a service platform: Reuse,
Collaborate and track analytics

Analytics Insights: Ability to create, share,
and reuse datasets

You don’t need to start from scratch and duplicate someone else’s efforts each time. Kickstart a collaborative culture by creating and sharing fresh datasets from the ground up or reusing others’ datasets.Pick up where others left off, and share back to spread the love.

Work off of verified and accurate
analytics as a service providers shareinsights accelerite

IT and analysts can mark data sets with their approval and quality
checks, so you analyze only relevant and reliable data, not a flood
of unwanted data.

Cohesive collaboration over
actionable insights
big data analytics as a service shareinsights accelerite

Not just the back and forth over data and analysis,
save insights, share insights, and use them easily.
Cut to the chase by turning information into
actions that power your business.

Role based access for the ones
you choose
big data analysis as a service shareinsights accelerite

Use fine-grained access to data and dashboards through role-
based access, authentication, versioning and more. Ensure safety
and security of your data from datasets to dashboards and back…
for yourself and the ones you share with.

Versioning and data lineage
analytics as a service shareinsights accelerite

Move from start to finish rapidly by knowing who did what and when. Make it super easy for your team to track your complex analyses by providing a trail of versioned data, dashboard, and pipelines.Never lose track of your data and where it came from.

See how ShareInsights brings your teams together
over data and insights
Effortlessly combine and analyze the complex web of data from multiple sources

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