Big Data Analytics Platform

Data to Insight on One Platform

Powerful Big Data Analytics Platform for Faster Time to Insights

big data analysis as a service easy data integration

Rapid data preparation, processing and visualization over millions of rows and terabytes of data

Explore data, reshape data, run hypotheses, drill down, slice and dice, find patterns at the data layer

Share rich, interactive visuals with key stakeholders

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Multiple sources….
to one source of truth
big data service offerings shareinsights accelerite

One vertically integrated dashboard for data from multiple
sources in multiple formats, structured and unstructured
data, static and streaming data.

Data acquisition, storage, transformation and visualisation
in one seamless flow.

Unified ETL, OLAP and visualization now on big data

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Native on Hadoop

Leverage your existing big data and Hadoop
cluster without any changes

Fully utilize existing infrastructure with zero
customizations and movement of data unlike other big data solutions

Analyze Big Data with Hadoop
Democratize machine learning

Advanced capabilities with support for machine learning
and predictive analytics

Bring your choice of AI algorithm or use ours using Python,
R and Spark ML

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Enterprise-ready big data analytics
platform for all your analytics

Role-based access to data and insights

Built in governance for enterprise class data security

Explore analytics governance and security with ShareInsights
Collaborate, reuse, and keep track of your analytics
analytics as a service providers shareinsights accelerite

Collaboration and governance with full analytics lifecycle

Bring Data Scientists and Data Analysts together to move big data analytics ideas forward.

Learn from, and leverage others’ work to create your own insights. Integrated with GitHub for life cycle management.

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Complete your workflows resulting from big data with ShareInsights’ Insight2Action

  • Generate and share insights with decision makers in-place with Insight2Action.
  • Send a simple text or email or initiate full enterprise workflows using a simple API when certain conditions are met.
  • Eliminate missed opportunities with an automated process that directly connects insights with actions
Freeing up data to enable multiple applications

Turning data into value for enterprises around the globe
big data solutions shareinsights accelerite

ShareInsights to
enhance marketing

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big data solutions shareinsights accelerite

ShareInsights to
accelerate clinical

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big data solutions shareinsights accelerite

ShareInsights to
improve TV

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