Complex Big Data, Simplified!

End-to-End Big Data Analytics Platform

The most dynamic platform to collaboratively analyze big data and share insights under a single umbrella


  • ShareInsights is platform of choice where Analytics needs are changing very rapidly, where there are multiple data sources, Multiple formats, Structured as well as unstructured data
  • ShareInsights provides quick and powerful analytics with capabilities for Rapid Prototyping and collaborative data analysis
  • ShareInsights covers the end to end process of analytics right from Data preparation, processing and visualization
  • ShareInsights is fast, plug and play platform which is scalable and future ready with machine learning and predictive analytics capabilities

Big Data Analytics Platform - How it works

Fast, Flexible and Future Ready Analytics Platform

  • Analyzes structured as well as unstructured data
  • Single tool for data acquisition, data storage, data transformation and visualization
  • Allows you to drill down, slice and dice and find patterns through interactive widgets
  • Built in connectors and components for easy dashboard development
  • Explore data through dashboards, save your insights and collaborate
  • Supports entire analytics life cycle, reuse or build on stuff created by others through edit and fork features
  • Allows you to perform predictive analytics and advanced analytics using R or Spark ML
  • Provides role based access to data as well as insights
  • Support for machine learning and advanced machine learning algorithms
  • Build mobile apps or share data feeds using Data as a Service
  • Curate, cleanse and share only those views with others that they need to see

Complex Big Data, Simplified!

Quickly analyze Big Data spread across formats and systems in a single collaborative analytics platform

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