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Optimize Your Data LakeWith the ShareInsights No-Code, Self-Service Data Analytics Platform



Why ShareInsights?

ShareInsights makes it easy for anyone to explore, transform and visualize big complex data on AWS or Hadoop data lakes in minutes.

The most comprehensive platform for accelerating time-to-insight.

No-code Pipeline Modeling

No-code Pipeline Modeling

Design powerful big-data transformation pipelines (including machine learning models) with no coding or infrastructure complexity

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Actionable Insights

Actionable Insights

Rapidly create high-performance dashboards that visualize insights in minutes

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Bring data analysts, data scientists and BI developers together for rapid insight prototyping

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Native on Hadoop

Leverage your existing Hadoop cluster without any changes

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Create a truly digitally connected organization

Experience high-performance big-data analytics through the entire lifecycle – from data transformation and warehousing to visualization, analysis, and collaboration. Uncover insights faster than ever before, in a few clicks. Our end-to-end no-code approach puts finally the power of data analytics into the hands of everyone in your organization.

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What is ShareInsights?

Our solution bridges the gap between data-driven business questions and business insight. We enable every user to build advanced analytics applications, using large datsets, with very little time and effort.

  • Both AWS and Hadoop native technology
  • In-built high-performance OLAP capabilities directly on the lake
  • Drag and drop visual modeling of entire insight creation pipeline
  • Extensible library of connectors, tasks, machine learning models and widgets
  • Zero-touch deployment with no changes to IT infrastructure
  • Data governance and security

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Discover connections and make informed decisions with the power of machine learning

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Self-Service Data Lake with ShareInsights and Cazena

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Watch ShareInsights in Action

See how ShareInsights lets you visually explore data, blend and prepare data, and publish interactive dashboards – all in a single tool.

Turning data into value for our customers around the globe

ShareInsights to enhance marketing campaign effectiveness

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ShareInsights to accelerate clinical trials

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ShareInsights to improve TV advertising conversions

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Share Insights

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