Acquire and deploy patches seamlessly to get ahead of compliance and security

Timely and efficient patching

Timely and efficient patching

Enjoy support for delta updates with only the differential binaries being pushed to endpoints, use peer-to-peer (P2P)distribution for large cumulative patch, or use acquisition filters from the UI for security or quality-only rollup updates. There really is no better way to patch than Sentient!

Integrated and highly scalable platform

Integrated and highly scalable platform

A tried and tested three-tier core satellite platform that has been managing up to half-a-million globally distributed endpoints end-to-end for over two decades with acquisition from software vendors to deployment on the very last endpoint!

In-depth Reports

In-depth Reports

Manage OS, Software and security updates with all combinations of available patches, entitled, in-flight ones and the successfully deployed ones, be it cumulative, delta or Express. Sentient Endpoint Manager provides in-depth reports to help you track the compliance meticulously.

Patch Acquisition and Distribution


Patch management software that can handle today’s heterogenous environments

  • Simplified Patch Management: Automate patching atch management on laptops and workstations
  • Establish and Automate Policies: Easy to use out of the box policies for more efficient and effective patching, from your servers to your endpoints
  • Ensure Compliance: See, assess, and protect your workstations and servers to comply with security standards
  • Validate Patch Compliance: Stay on top of vulnerabilities with summary and detailed reports to show patching status
  • Keep Users Productive: Patch at the right time, under the right conditions, so your business keeps moving forward
  • Shield Heterogeneous Environments: Detect and remediate OS and third-party application vulnerabilities of Windows, Linux, and MacOS
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Why Sentient Patch Management?

  • Remote Patching : Patch all devices across your network while optimizing bandwidth
  • Fast Deployment : Test, package, and pre-stage automatically
  • Single Console, Automated Tool : Free up IT and reduce the chance for error. Simplify and streamline how you patch your heterogeneous environment
  • Virtual Patching : Reduce risk by patching servers that are online with the agent installed
  • Offline Patching for Disconnected Environments : Bring powered-down physical systems back online to ensure that critical patches and software updates are successfully deployed
  • Real-time reporting : Make faster decisions with real time insights that matter the most
  • Supported OS
  • Desktops/Laptops/Servers
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux

Never Miss a Patch Tuesday

Find Windows devices that are hidden away in your corporate network, so you can triage and patch their vulnerabilities and keep the malwares away


Embracing change to be ahead of the times. Always.

Sentient Endpoint Manager supports Express Files Installation across all your endpoints. With Delta updates becoming obsolete, Express Files Installation will be a permanent method from MS to push patch differentials to end points. This reduces bandwidth consumption exponentially as there is no need to download ~500MB on each endpoint anymore. The process of patch Acquisition, Entitlement and Distribution is made extremely convenient thereby ensuring complete compliance

Key pillars of an outstanding service and support using Sentient Endpoint Manager

  • Reduces the time taken and bandwidth utilized for deploying monthly cumulative patches that range from ~300–500 MBs by means of efficient distribution of content
  • User-centric policy enforcement across multiple devices, with complete automation to simplify management
  • Streamline Satellites can continue or be replaced with a P2P server thereby ensuring minimum disruption to existing deployments
  • Bandwidth throttling to reduce the time taken and bandwidth utilized due to huge data transfers between streamline satellite and endpoints
  • Win10 wrapper, Patch deferral policies and convenient wildcard strings enable convenient acquisition, entitlement and deployment thereby reducing human error and improving efficiency
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