Is your Enterprise future WannaCry Proof?

WannaCry: An attack that shook the world

The malicious WannaCry attack was orchestrated by unidentified hackers encrypting data of around 300,000 machines across 150 countries. Although it lasted for a few days, the reported financial losses went to the tune of $4 billion. With Accelerite Sentient, enterprises have been successfully protecting their endpoints by timely detection, patching and plugging any gaps in compliance.

Download our complimentary case study to know how the IT team of a leading American bank

  • Assessed millions of devices spread across geographies for potential vulnerabilities
  • Remediated the vulnerabilities quickly to safeguard IT infrastructure from potential attack
  • Prepared easy to explain reports detailing the exposure and mitigation plan to the board
  • Ensured readiness against unexpected thread that shook the world


And they did all this in a few hours!

Found it fast, Fixed it Fast with Accelerite Sentient!!

WannaCry - Download Casestudy

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