Endpoint Detection and Response

Find it fast, Fix it fast!

Security Orchestration and Remediation

Your tactics, techniques and procedures – codified

Security Risk Assessment

Security and Compliance through risk assessment

WannaCry | ATM Jackpotting

Sentient – Extensible Security Framework

so you can be ready when the next vector arrives

Sentient EDR Software

Find it fast, Fix it fast!

  • Discover: Instantly reach all your endpoints to search and expose critical security and configuration issues
  • Process: Efficiently extract insights and aggregate data to analyze and classify information and identify patterns
  • Visualize: Visual and interactive representation with drilldowns and filters to provide an instant view of your organization’s endpoints health
  • Remediate: Identify the exact scope and location of a compromise within seconds so you can take immediate action

sentient endpoint detection and response solution accelerite


Security Orchestration and Remediation

Your tactics, techniques and procedures – codified

  • Institutionalize: your techniques for faster time to response. Create complete investigation and remediation chains that can be replayed
  • Better detection and triaging: through hierarchical investigation and custom workflow
  • Better remediation: through pre-built and custom remediation scripts to lower risk and respond quickly to incidents
  • Threat intelligence: translated into ready to run scripts for improved security posture
  • Lower learning curve: for the hard to find new security team members to come up to speed

Security Risk Assessment

Security and Compliance through Risk Assessment

  • Focus on critical assets: through comprehensive discovery of managed/unmanaged devices in your network
  • Assess compliance: through vulnerability scans against standards that are important to you
  • Risk assessment: with directions on what is most important to you … so you can have the best security posture for the same effort
  • Orchestration for rapid response: so risks can be mitigated before they become breaches


Identifying a problem is often the hardest
part of fixing it

  • Mitigates risks considerably with real-time and instant status and health check of endpoints across the corporate network
  • Reduces security incidents due to vulnerable endpoints running older patches, rogue software, processes, and other issues
  • Provides better control and improves decision-making, based on precise and real-time information with deep endpoint insights
  • Provides real-time and dynamic graphs to view endpoint status, and act quickly
  • Significantly reduces operational costs with proactive and targeted endpoint management

Find it fast Fix it fast

Real-time endpoint insights for timely actions

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