Proven cloud orchestration
for enterprises and service providers

Bring agility to enterprise IT using cloud that is easy to deploy and operate

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Cloud proven to run 10,000+ hosts and many more thousand virtual machines

Rovius CP

  • Turnkey cloud orchestration platform, based on an open and flexible architecture, with choice of underlying hardware, networking and virtualization layers
  • Reliably and quickly provision and orchestrate every workload (desktop, web, traditional enterprise and 3D graphics) at scale and with simplicity
  • Self –service, multi tenant rovius cloud portal provides agility with quota-based governance
  • Streamlined use of data center resources, such as compute, network and storage, increases overall efficiency

Cloud Orchestration with CloudPlatform

Rovius CP powers enterprise and public clouds around the world

Turnkey installation

  • Field-proven cloud orchestration technology deployed by more than 250+ enterprises and public cloud providers
  • Supports scalability to thousands of physical or virtual servers, across multiple geographically dispersed datacenters

No vendor lock-in

  • Leverage existing IT resources or choose new technology
  • Multi-hypervisor support, including VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, KVM, and Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Bare metal provisioning makes sharing hardware resources as easy as provisioning a virtual machine, with option to run high performance applications

Features and benefits

  • Single pane of glass management
  • Self-service portal provides on-demand access to elastic and reusable resources
  • Isolated networks using VLAN
  • Virtual private cloud
  • API-driven architecture
  • Load balancer, VPN
  • Third party integrations, such as Citrix NetScaler and Nuage
  • Metering and monitoring

LDAP/Active directory integration

  • Open architecture that supports interfaces with partner solutions for PaaS, monitoring, capacity management, hybrid clouds and more


  • “Accelerite CloudPlatform meets the stringent needs of customers when it comes to scalability and performance”

  • “In our experience Accelerite CloudPlatform is proven, simple and easy to deploy. This means we have customers up and running faster and staying with the platform longer”

  • “Accelerite’s CloudPlatform 4.7 release will simplify deployments for enterprises cloud service providers, delivering a platform that provides a rage of pre-integrated, value-added services that can speed time to market and results”

    William Fellows VP Research
  • Since acquiring Citrix CloudPlatform, Accelerite has Changed the Game for the Product with a clear strategy and bold vision backed by experienced engineering resources. I'm excited about their roadmap and look forward to working together!

    Ian Rae CEO, CloudOps

Unified Cloud Orchestration Platform

Enterprises and cloud service providers streamline cloud deployment,
accelerate business innovation, agility and efficiency

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