Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Seamless recovery of your systems to the cloud in
15 minutes or less

Best-in-class business continuity with cloud-based recovery of production environments within minutes. Make rCloud YOUR cloud and work with a true partner in technology

rCloud Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

  • Scalable : Technology you can depend on to protect multiple flavors of end user configurations
  • Affordable : DRaaS solutions for the Channel that can be tailored to suit any budget
  • Fast : RTOs of 15 minutes or less
  • Flexible : Models that cater to the Channel Partner’s need for varying end user configurations

Cloud Based Disaster Recovery

Flexible | Seamless | Scalable

  • Seamless recovery of your systems to the cloud in 15 minutes or less
  • Flexible pricing off the shelf or customized to your needs
  • Universal architecture enables integration with multiple on-premise backup technologies
  • Replicates both physical and virtual machines
  • Connect-wise integration to automate your billing process
  • Test failover and updates in a secure and fenced virtual sandbox environment
  • Recover and restore individual files and folders
  • rDRaaS: rCloud Disaster Recovery as a Service, end to end fully bundled DRaaS solution for local backups, virtualization and rCloud failover
  • Longer retention of disks supports your data archival strategy
  • Single pane of glass management and detailed data reporting
  • Restore multiple servers and bring back your production environment with minimal downtime
  • Highly secured environment and file transport via in-flight and at rest encryption
  • Highly resilient, energy efficient and secure data center supports SOC Type II reporting, PCI compliance and HIPAA regulations
  • “rCloud is already the premier business continuity solution that allows Accelerite’s partners to offer their customers peace of mind with a simple ‘set it and forget it’ mechanism,” said Samir Agarwal, Vice President of Products at Accelerite. “As a ConnectWise Certified Integrator, our partners now have the advantage of fully automating vital components of their billing process, and further optimizing efficiency.”
  • Now with the push of a button, schedule, sync, and publish all of your rCloud usage details into a single pane of glass for seamless and automated billing

Connectwise Certified Cloud-based Disaster Recovery Platform


  • “We had to use the service during Hurricane Sandy.   During this time we worked with support to bring several clients to the cloud and had them on standby in case we decided to flip the switch. We were also able to get some key files for some of our legal clients so they could meet their deadlines.  We had another DR as a service vendor that could not deliver the service we needed when we needed it the most. Accelerite rCloud was the only partner that was able to get our clients' networks up and running in the cloud.” “The product just works. The most important thing for us is that the product works with minimal intervention from us. We also have a good relationship with Accelerite. Where they listen to our feedback and incorporate it in the product. This feels more like a partnership than a vendor relationship.  I look forward to the upcoming enhancements that are coming out so we can offer better solutions to our clients.”

    The Lloyd Group
    The Lloyd Group
  • Cooperative Systems has partnered with Accelerite for offsite backup and disaster recovery since 2013.  We have evaluated quite a few partners in this space, and consider Accelerite the best option for quick, reliable cloud recovery. The ability to bring a customer’s environments online in the cloud within minutes of a disaster affords us a competitive advantage when presenting our managed services offering to potential clients.

    Cooperative Systems
    Cooperative Systems
  • We moved away from Zenith since it no longer provided us with a reliable backup and DR solution. Consistent and predictable DR testing in the rCloud sandbox to show customers tangible value. Reliability, stability, predictability, support, and performance.

    Innovative Computing Systems
    Innovative Computing Systems
  • NSG (formerly Network Solutions Group) is the best IT Managed Services Provider in middle Tennessee. We have a multi-layered disaster recovery solution that provides fast and reliable restoration of our clients’ data in the event of a disaster. For almost 10 years, Accelerite has played an integral role in helping us protect the integrity of our clients’ data. We continue to partner with Accelerite because of their quality of service and customer service. In all of our years working together, they have never failed us.

    NSG Systems
    NSG Systems
  • NST has been a partner with Accelerite for 5 years. We have had to rely on using the rCloud multiple times for disaster recovery for our customers. The servers spin up in a few minutes and we establish a VPN to the customer site to get them back in business. Offsite backups are the last line of defense in the event of a disaster. We have chosen to continue to be a partner because the service just works, every time! In the event there is a problem, rCloud support is very responsive and quick to help resolve the issue. rCloud has become a vital part of our business continuity offering. We stand behind rCloud because they stand behind their product.”


Disaster Recovery as a Service

Seamless recovery of your systems to the cloud in 15 minutes or less