Concert IoT Rapid Application

IoT’s Application

Concert IoT’s Application Development Platform layer greatly
simplifies the development of Enterprise grade IoT applications by
providing a “low code” interface into the SW developer oriented IoT
Paas offered by the leading cloud vendors.A typical Industrial IoT application will employ over 20 public cloud services, this presents an effort intensive configuration and setup obstacle. Through the use of Concert Rapid Application Framework, SW developers and non-developers alike can focus on the application they are building instead of the configuration of cloud services. This reduces the cycle time for development from months to days.

RAD Modules

This module is the ideal foundation for “greenfield IoT” efforts.It provides the user with the choice of employing REST APIs (or web UIs that invoke them) to model devices and the relationships between devices and users. Once a device type is modeled (e.g. GPS Tracker, Weather Station), it provides a means to securely connect with specific unit of that type. Springboard also provides an out of the box device dashboard that is generated automatically per the device data model.


This module is “drag and drop” visual composer through which
users can create IoT services by selecting components from a
palette and organizing them in a flow. Once completed, the
resulting flow is expressed as a Java file that runs in a container.
It can be deployed independently of Springboard for customers
with existing Java code bases seeking to employ visual design
methodologies to increase developer productivity.

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