Mobile Workforce Management
Empower your Field Workforce

Transform mobile phones into tools that enhance field service productivity

Cloud-enabled field workforce management platform that provides real-time access to current location and historic trail of field workforce with smart task management features to empower your field workforce

Increase field service productivity and performance

  • Enhance field productivity, empower your field workforce
  • Increase customer satisfaction, deliver superior service every visit
  • Sense events in real time and act quickly, ensuring smooth business operations
  • Reduce field costs, manage business growth effectively

How does Mobility Management work

Enhance field service productivity, reduce field operation
costs and increase customer satisfaction

Smart Task Management

  • Configure forms and workflows according to your industry and business-specific Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.Ps)
  • Use smart task management features to empower your field workforce, enabling more tasks to be successfully completed during the first site visit
  • Dispatch tasks to appropriate field staff, based on specified criteria, such as skill and proximity
  • Capture images and other relevant task information in field for future reference

Field Sensing and Actions Framework

  • Use built-in events or define your own according to your business needs
  • Sense field events in real-time and act quickly to minimize business impact
  • Configure actions for selective events, based on event type and pre-defined thresholds
  • Configure automated actions such as SMS/e-mail notifications or notifications to other business systems over APIs

Fits Your Business Quickly

  • Use simple yet powerful RESTful APIs to rapidly integrate with existing business systems.
  • Select ready-to-use customizations to align with business processes and reduce training
  • Use built-in reports or generate custom reports for key insights into service operations for continuous improvement
  • Support multiple clients or departments or create your own SaaS business with a robust multi-tenant design

Secure, Robust and Scalable Platform

  • Deploy in cloud or in-premises, based on your enterprise needs
  • Select from a multitude of customizations, including white-labeling, customized workflows, custom forms, and custom reports for each tenant
  • Contains built-in security features including two-factor authentication, encrypted passwords, and secure HTTPS protocol
  • Implements CTIA’s best practices and guidelines for LBS to ensure data privacy

Powerful and easy to use field service management platform

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