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Marketing Campaign Effectiveness Enhanced with

How a network equipment manufacturer doubled marketing campaign effectiveness and increased customer retention rate by 15% using big data analytics as a service.


A Fortune 100 network equipment manufacturer uses a marketing automation tool along with CRM software and contact/opt-in lists to run campaigns and offers to prospects and customers. The company wants to introduce much more depth into its standalone marketing campaigns and operations by including all its customer touch points. The goal is to use big data for marketing campaigns and improve campaign effectiveness by an order of magnitude, increase customer engagement and stem customer attrition in a highly competitive and fast-paced business environment.


To this end, the company chose ShareInsights, a big data analytics as a service platform, to leverage big data for marketing campaigns and saw a 90% increase in click-through rates, open rates, and conversions in offer pages


  • Product telemetry data available to the company from its devices runs into terabytes, but the current marketing tools lack the ability to use it meaningfully for campaigns
  • The marketing campaigns target a large, monolithic audience that is too broad for the marketing message being communicated, resulting in customer fatigue and falling satisfaction ratings
  • The current marketing tools and operations largely run in a vacuum primarily using only CRM and contact information with no input coming from any other customer-related source
  • Using current tools, there is little possibility of timing cross-selling campaigns using other customer-centric data such as contract renewals, product usage, support, website tracking and customer interactions
  • There is heavy dependence on IT for any cross-linkage of data and running complex analysis, effectively rendering any such initiative futile


Accelerite ShareInsights provided self-service big data analytics capability to marketing analysts and campaign managers in the organization so that they could better understand their customer behavior, create finer target segments and run effective campaigns. Read on to find out how ShareInsights helped the company realize the great benefits of big data in marketing.

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Solution Architecture

    • Marketing analysts now create segment templates based on datasets from seven other enterprise systems outside of traditional marketing sources
    • Unstructured sources such as web analytics and telemetry data are also included, effectively adding terabytes of new data for analysis
    • Analysts use ShareInsights’ drag-and-drop interface to run complex models on top of datasets and create segmentation templates that can be reused by campaign managers
    • Campaign managers use the ShareInsights Viewer dashboard to compare various templates and filter down to create granular segments
    • Campaign managers design campaigns in alignment with customers’ buying journey and corporate interactions instead of running only canned and periodic offers
    • Campaign managers now predict a churn propensity score and customer lifetime value using drag and drop machine learning algorithms
big data service offerings shareinsights accelerite
    • In addition to using IT- approved datasets, marketing analysts and campaign managers continually share datasets, data pipelines, and dashboards to build on each other’s’- work and refine segments
    • The IT team securely exposes data coming from ERP, customer support ticketing system, contracts databaseand other Hadoop sources to convert it into datasets for use by analysts


big data service offerings shareinsights acceleriteUsing big data analytics as a service through ShareInsights, the marketing campaigns saw an 80%-90% increase in click-through rates, open rates and conversions in offer pages

big data service offerings shareinsights acceleriteAnnual contract renewals increased by 12% and average deal size increased by 15% with targeted offers and timely cross-selling/up-selling campaigns

big data service offerings shareinsights acceleriteShareInsights established a collaborative platform for analysts and campaign managers to continually refine their segmentation, targeting and messaging without depending on IT

big data service offerings shareinsights acceleriteIT is able to provide secure and self-service access to IT-approved datasets from various sources to the marketing team while ensuring adequate control

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