Insight Creation Platform

The Insight Creation Platform (ICP), deployed with other Concert
elements or with legacy IoT platforms, derives business insight
from the vast troves of sensor data produced by IoT/M2M
/Industrial Logic Controllers. It provides a “self service” interface…


This layer presents a visual front end to Hadoop/Spark big data
infrastructure that would otherwise require knowledge of arcane
scripting languages to utilize. It presents a visual “drag and drop”
UI through which users may select data sources for ingestion,
cleanup, computation and visualization…


This module incorporates AI/ML algorithms as components that can be integrated in the data flows to solve problems typical to IoT and Automation (e.g. detection of anomalies, failure predictions)


Orchestrator is available as a component of the Insight layer.
When deployed with the Concert Analytics module it
includescomponents that allow the user to go beyond
monitoring for simple, stateless events (e.g. temperature
above >100 F) toincorporating Complex Event Processing
(e.g. responding to the detection of an anomaly detected
by the Analytics module).

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