IoT Service Creation & Enrichment Platform

Rapid and simplified service creation, platform creation and ecosystem monetization

Build an IoT service-oriented application ecosystem, optimized for your market and enriched by your data. Concert IoT Platform lets you create IoT service-oriented apps with IoT PaaS capabilities, allowing partners and developers to quickly innovate and enrich your ecosystem.

Concert IoT Platform

  • Visual drag and drop creation of real-time service-oriented IoT applications (SOAIs) and dashboards allows anyone to innovate — with minimal coding
  • Share service-oriented IoT application APIs throughout the partner ecosystem as a managed platform as a service (PaaS)
  • Payments and settlements solution monetizes the service-oriented IoT apps, calculating complex, multi-partner settlements
  • Cloud complementary: Deploys on and complements the IoT message ingestion and analytics stacks of major cloud PaaS — drastically reduces development time and effort
  • Custom development option for additional turnkey applications available

IoT Platform for Manufacturing, Home-Automation and Industrial Application Deployment and Development

One Platform for Your Evolving IoT Product Development

  • Simple, GUI-based design of real-time event logic and enterprise data model
  • Prevents cloud provider “lock-in.” Apps can be rapidly recompiled for different cloud vendor-specific data ingestion, storage and distributed computing APIs
  • Build an Ecosystem: Supply controlled access to the IoT services you develop
  • Provides non-data scientists with the ability to easily generate insights and reports
  • Secure communications with IoT devices and gateways
  • Payments module enables revenue generation from your service
  • Reduce site visits with remote configuration and management of devices and gateways
  • Settlements layer lets you share revenue with your IoT solution partners
  • Multiple IoT protocols (MQTT, LWM2M, 3GPPCoAP, XMPP, HTTP) support a wide choice of devices
  • Optional turnkey IoT application development services layered atop Concert platform available from Accelerite experts
  • Web services APIs and IDE for SW developers
  • Prevents cloud provider lock-in
  • Build an ecosystem: Supply

Build an Enriched IoT Ecosystem

Service-oriented IoT apps & Concert IoT PaaS complements public and private clouds


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