Build a Thriving IoT Solutions Practice

With Concert, mobile telcos can go beyond selling data plans and capture a much larger share of SMB and Enterprise spending on IoT solutions.


Telcos need not limit their participation in the IoT market to offering device connectivity or notification (i.e. SMS,
email, Push Notification) plans. Provided the right IoT foundation is chosen, they can leverage their deep SMB and Enterprise
business relationships to provide a full SaaS for customers in a variety of industry verticals where mobility is critical (e.g.
Telematics for remote assets and vehicles) without being beholden to niche device or application suppliers.

Concert Layers

Concert IoT Toolkit and Industry Vertical Solutions provides both the multi-tenant “off the rack”, multi-tenant solutions
needed for Telcos to cost effectively reach SMBs as well as the rapid customization that Enterprises requiring bespoke
solutions will demand.

Rapid Application Framework

Ingestion and management of cellular connected devices
with integrated geo-fencing alerts for mobile assets
(e.g.vehicle mounted, remote telemetry).

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Insight Framework

Creating insight from ingested device data (e.g. predicting
vehicle failures and optimal scheduling of preventive
maintenance, identifying unsafe driver behaviors).

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Monetization Framework

Engage 3rd party partners in the creation of
additional value from services and data.

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