The IoT crashes over MWC – but this time it’s a real thing

Mobile World Congress 2016 – BARCELONA, Spain, February 17, 2016 – The Internet of Things has been a hot buzzword for years at the Mobile World Congress show — but this year, according to analysts, it’s going to move from the realm of hype and into actual profits.

“I think some of the early IoT hype is diminishing,” said Neil Strother, a principal research analyst for energy at Navigant Research. “This IoT concept is starting to take hold in terms of understanding. … We’re not there yet, but it’s starting to happen.”

Added Strother:“We’re nearing the mainstream”with the IoT trend. As an example, Strother pointed to the growing usefulness of smart home applications now available to consumers, such as the recent announcement that Amazon Echo users can control their Philips Hue connected lights through voice commands…

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