Accelerite Announces CloudPlatform Integration with Docker Containers at ApacheCon 2016

Provides Enterprises with a Single Orchestration Platform for Bare-metal, VM, and Container Management

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – November 16, 2016 — Accelerite, a provider of software for simplifying and securing enterprise infrastructure, announced that the Accelerite CloudPlatform, powered by Apache CloudStack™, has achieved another major milestone in enhancing cloud services for enterprises. Accelerite CloudPlatform now integrates with Kubernetes, an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and managing containerized applications.

The Accelerite CloudPlatform integration with Kubernetes makes it one of the most powerful cloud platforms for private clouds and a highly advanced solution to provision VMs and Docker containers on bare-metal and virtualized environments. This new feature is immediately available to all CloudPlatform users and new customers in the CloudPlatform 4.7.1 release. Other important features include – Hosting VRs on the XenServer and KVM Hypervisors for Deploying Bare Metal Hosts, Using Destination CIDR in the Egress Rules, Upgrading Virtual Routers with Minimal Downtime, Performing Cold Migration Directly from the Source Host to the Destination Host, Creating Multiple Snapshots Simultaneously, Resizing Root Disk on XenServer and VMWare.

“With the integration with Kubernetes, Accelerite continues to accelerate enhancement of CloudPlatform. As an already proven technology for running large scale private clouds with tens of thousands of nodes, this integration enables our customers to develop next generation cloud native applications and deploy them in their existing infrastructure — a potentially significant return on their original investment, “ said Rajesh Ramchandani, General Manager, cloud products.

Accelerite is also a Gold sponsor at ApacheCon Europe 2016, the official conference of the Apache Software Foundation. In partnership with the Linux Foundation, ApacheCon Europe is held in Seville, Spain, November 14-18, 2016. Accelerite will share insights for container deployments and the current architecture of bare metal provisioning in Apache CloudStack in a presentation, “Bare Metal Provisioning in CloudStack” to be held Thursday, November 17, 2016, 15:10 – 16:00.

“We are very pleased that Accelerite will share insights and valuable expertise about the cloud industry at ApacheCon Europe,” said Angela Brown, VP of Events at The Linux Foundation. “Accelerite continues to grow its involvement in the open source cloud community, going back to the company’s acquisition of the Citrix CloudPlatform and their support for Apache CloudStack, and we look forward to working together as a community to create ever more advanced open cloud technologies.

Accelerite Cloud Life Cycle Management Products

Accelerite’s cloud life cycle management solutions include CloudPlatform, unified cloud services orchestration platform; CloudPortal Business Manager, IT as a Service through cloud services automation; rCloud, cloud-based disaster recovery; and Rovius, zero to cloud in 60 minutes.

Also, learn about Citrix CloudPlatform and CloudPortal Business Manager here.

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Accelerite’s software suite of cloud, IoT solutions and advanced endpoint management make it easy for enterprises to simplify and secure today’s complex, ever-evolving infrastructure. Fortune 500s, SMEs, operators, service providers and VARs around the world rely on Accelerite products to secure connected enterprises from a single pane view, quickly and easily build private and public enterprise clouds, and bring connected things to life with rapid IoT service creation and enrichment. With headquarters in Silicon Valley, Accelerite is a wholly owned business of Persistent Systems (BSE & NSE: PERSISTENT), a leader in software product development and technology services.

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