Enterprise Cloud Solution

CloudPlatform along with Datera Elastic Data Fabric offers hyper-integrated cloud solution, for true scale-out and enterprise-class performance

  • Hyper-integrated solution provides easy to deploy, easy to manage and easy to scale infrastructure
  • Single view of performance and utilization of infrastructure resources
  • Monitoring makes it easy to view everything through single-pane-of-glass
  • Aggregated view of logs enable easy diagnosis
  • Easy to patch and upgrade

Datera Storage Solution

  • Hybrid Storage
  • Scale-out Architecture
  • Policy Based Deployment
  • API Driven

Hyper-integrated cloud solution for true scale-out and enterprise-class performance

  • The power of scale-out storage system to build state-of-the-art enterprise clouds
  • AWS-like Elastic Block Storage for the most demanding virtualized environments
  • Single-tenant like performance in multi-tenant environment due to built-in resource segmentation and workload isolation
  • Flexibility to start with just enough storage capacity and performance to meet current demand
  • Ability to quickly scale operations with minimal storage upgrade cost

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Deployment of Datera Elastic Data Fabric with Accelerite CloudPlatform


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