Accelerite and ActOnMagic hosted a CloudStack India Meetup Bangalore on Aug 6, 2016


Aug 6, 2016

Accelerite and ActOnMagic hosted a CloudStack India Meetup at Accelerite Ecospace, Bangalore on Aug 6, 2016. During the half-day event, various members, contributors and users of CloudStack came together and discussed on the development, history, architecture and the direction of open source cloud computing projects.

The event kicked off with a presentation on the summary of Cloudstack Collaboration Conference by Madan Ganesh Velayudham, Founder and CEO of ActOnMagic. Madan also encouraged attendees to get involved in Apache Cloudstack community activities. Sateesh ChodaPuneedi, Product Architect at Accelerite compared the performance issues involved in secondary storage at zone-level vs host-level and demonstrated how to create a virtual machine(VM) using CloudPlatform. Sumathi, Cofounder & Engineering Director at ActOnMagic discussed on the comparison of Openstack and Cloudstack and how to choose between the two.

The event ended with detailed demonstration of Virtual Private Cloud feature of Cloudstack.

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