vSAN and Apache CloudStack

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Getting enough storage performance for VMs is a constant struggle in cloud environments. External storage arrays and network speeds are key factors that limit the I/O rates that can be achieved. What if these obstacles to speed could be overcome? vSAN could be the solution to these problems.

Virtual Storage Area Network, abbreviated as vSAN, is a software-defined storage (SDS) product that is gaining acceptability today. A mechanism to pool disk space from multiple hypervisors into a shared datastore cluster, vSAN frees us from the limitation of using external storage arrays. It thus is quite relevant to cloud environments. It also allows for linear scaling, to meet requirements of an ever-growing enterprise; if you want to increase performance and/or capacity, simply add more hardware of your choice, and you are good to go. A hassle-free approach that does not require you to deal with external array controllers.

CloudStack works seamlessly with vSAN, thus ensuring better storage performance, with an added benefit of pre-managed storage policies. This is also aligned with the vision of supporting commodity hardware. The economics of this combination looks very good for enterprises.

Being a robust solution that has undergone multiple levels of testing, vSAN coupled with the opensource CloudStack looks like a great choice towards enabling an efficient, cost-effective and easy-to-use cloud.

Accelerite recently presented a paper on “Integration of vSAN with Apache CloudStack” at ApacheCon North America 2017.  The paper explains vSAN basics and its policy-based storage management capabilities. It also details the integration of vSAN in CloudStack along with a step-wise demonstration of the process. Take a look at the paper here. Feel free to reach us at marketing@accelerite.com if you have any queries.

On a related note, Accelerite has launched its enterprise hybrid cloud platform, Rovius Cloud, that lets you build an on-premises cloud in minutes using commodity hardware. Rovius Cloud upgrades with no downtime and lets you painlessly expand workloads to a public cloud. Learn more about Rovius Cloud here.

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