True Visual Data Exploration: Get Complete Visibility Into Your Organization’s Data

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At the core of becoming a data-driven business lies the continuous production of new information assets. Organizations can achieve this by transforming their data lake into a modern-day information assembly line. To successfully become data-driven, the pace of building and ingesting data assets from the massive mountains of data in the data lake needs to be extremely fast. Organizations need to foster agile techniques that radically reduce the time to value for these data assets.

Using traditional enterprise data warehouse methods like creating OLAP cubes eliminates the speed and agility that organizations need to stay ahead in the information economy. Traditional OLAP is antithetical to the paradigm of data exploration that a data lake attempts to cultivate. Creating traditional OLAP cubes requires pre-modeling using a star or snowflake schema and all the data in a cube is pre-aggregated which hamstrings immediate data exploration and data visualization. It also restricts data exploration to the paths in the pre-defined schema. Besides restricting what a business analyst can explore, the data can also lead to missed insights and incorrect answers, since the OLAP cube doesn’t reveal the full picture. Moreover, modeling is a time-consuming process that requires experts who can write complex code.

Modern data discovery and data exploration tools have made a business analyst’s life easier by introducing a visual way to explore data.  But this approach falls short when business analysts attempt to explore the huge volumes of data residing in a data lake and expect a fast response time. This is where a powerful tool like ShareInsights comes into play. ShareInsights’ Data Lake Explorer enables interactive visual data exploration of even the largest of datasets. Its visual data mining abilities liberate organizations from the need to build complex models and pre-aggregations that are typical of OLAP tools.

With ShareInsights’ large-scale visual and interactive data exploration capabilities, analysts can explore any data in the data lake on any scale, whether it is drilling up, slicing, dicing, or filtering on any dimension. There is no dearth of combinations in which ShareInsights lets analysts explore and understand data.


Unrestrained and Rapid Data Exploration

The answers that analysts are looking for in their data are often open-ended. Analysts have a general understanding of what needs to be explored, but they normally rely on the data to point them in the right direction. Pre-modeled OLAP cubes restrict analysts’ freedom to truly explore the data, uncovering only pre-defined paths that could hide the right answer to their business problems. With ShareInsights Data Lake Explorer, analysts are not limited by pre-modeled cubes and are free to explore data swiftly and see results immediately.

Instant Data Visualization with Charts

ShareInsights Data Lake Explorer helps analysts explore data visually using easy-to-consume charts without the need to write any complex SQL queries. Analysts can use point-and-click controls to build charts, drill down into segments of the data, filter datasets, and create aggregations. Analysts can instantly explore billions of rows with a sub-second response time without waiting around for IT to create cubes.

Easy Creation and Publishing of New Datasets

ShareInsights traces the complete path as analysts explore, filter, and drill down data. When they have the dataset that fits their needs, they can save and publish this dataset directly on the data lake with the click of a button.


ShareInsights Data Lake Explorer brings together cutting-edge technology and a flawless user experience, completely altering the concept of exploring raw data at massive volumes. We have put together a video that demonstrates how analysts can use ShareInsights’ data visualization features to visually understand existing data sets in the data lake and publish new ones in a few seconds. Raw data in the data lake is the essence of big data analytics and the ability to easily visualize and understand it is the only path to becoming a data-driven business.

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