Threat Detection: “These are dark times, there is no denying.”

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“These are dark times, there is no denying. Our world has, perhaps, faced no greater threat than it does today …” Thus spoke Rufus Scrimgeour rather grimly from the Ministry of Magic. Even if you’re not a Harry Potter fan, you will agree that the proclamation rings true in today’s world. It may not necessarily be in the same form (I’ve retired my wand a long time ago!), but in terms of security attacks, threat detection, breaches and hacking attempts that are in the news every other day.

In today’s world, endpoints have become the perimeter for security and remain a prime target for attacks. What is a modern endpoint? In the past, endpoints were typically PCs, laptops and servers – comfortably housed within a firewalled enterprise network. With the advent of cloud, mobility and connected devices, the modern endpoint landscape is a far more amorphous mass of virtual machines in remote clouds, mobile devices roaming across the world, and IoT devices that will soon govern every little aspect of our lives.

Day-to-day operational scale, coverage and automation are a must for managing of these endpoints. But near-real-time visibility into the state of every endpoint with a way to quickly respond to any risks or incidents is getting more critical every day for endpoint threat detection and response. Enterprises today need tools that will provide all of the above for the broadest set of endpoints.

Threat Detection using Accelerite Sentient

Accelerite Sentient and Radia form a potent combination to provide advanced systems management as well as endpoint security in one single solution stack. Sentient provides near real-time visibility at scale across your traditional endpoints, public and private cloud and other enterprise resources. It also includes IoT devices with an agent-based or an agent-less solution. Besides being a query-response engine, Sentient can also proactively alert for events of interest and detect threat in an enterprise network. Finally Sentient can work in tandem with operational tools like Radia to provide a uniform remediation path. This allows IT to rectify situations like lurking vulnerabilities due to missing security patches etc.

Threat Detection using Sentient

Threat Detection using Accelerite Sentient

Learn more about Sentient, Accelerite’s Endpoint Detection and Response platform.

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  • Kristen

    Malwares are always in rise. Security software are getting advanced to get over the malware attacks, One such security software which must be used in present world is endpoint security which is the best one to be opted for IT security management.

    • Charul Sadwelkar

      Hi Kristen, I do agree endpoint security software is a foundation for securing your network along with basic network security tools like firewalls/IDS/IPS etc. EDR is becoming a necessary overlay tool to provide instantaneous view across your network!

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