Skills Gap Proves to be a Major Roadblock for IoT Initiatives

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Capitalizing on the Internet of Things involves more than just connecting with remote devices and sensors. Organizations need to be concerned about ensuring that they derive business value out of the data that these devices generate. Yet, as companies devote considerable energy towards firming up their IoT strategies, what they fail to see is that they do not have the skill set in-house to make that happen. Research from Immersat Research Programme revealed that 47% of organizations lack IoT skills altogether. Moreover, Gartner believes that 75% of IoT initiatives will go on twice as long as originally projected because of a lack of talent in important areas.

As organizations move from “what” to “how”, they need to factor in IoT-centric roles to execute their plans. However, in contrast to other technology trends such as big data and DevOps, where roles are quite clear such as a data scientist or a DevOps engineer, IoT use cases are very broad. Hence, one of the primary challenges for businesses is identifying precisely which skills are needed to fully benefit from IoT. The good news is that companies still have a lead time of at least a couple of years to pinpoint the specific skills they need and fill the gap.

In his article, “Addressing the Great IoT Analytics Skills Gap”, Dean Hamilton, GM of Accelerite’s IoT business, outlines the new AI oriented data analyst role that is emerging as organizations continue to ramp up their IoT projects. He discusses the ensuing skills gap that companies are presented with since this new skill set is uncharted territory for both educational institutions and enterprises alike. While it is difficult to offer a panacea, read the complete article to understand possible ways of getting ahead of the skills gap.

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