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Rovius CP Version 4.7.1 Delivers a Single Orchestration Platform for Bare Metal, VM, and Container Management

We’re excited to share that Rovius CP has achieved another major milestone in enhancing cloud services for enterprises! This latest release — Rovius CP version 4.7.1 — provides enterprises with a single orchestration platform for bare metal, VM, and container management, including integration with Kubernetes, an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and managing containerized applications. Here are some other key benefits:

  • Supports multiple advanced isolated networks on a bare metal VM.
  • Supports hosting virtual routers (VRs) using the XenServer and the KVM hypervisors, along with the VMware hypervisor. VRs provide network services such as PXE, DHCP, Source NAT, and more to provision bare metal hosts. In previous versions of Rovius CP, only the VMware hypervisor was able to host VRs.
  • Control the egress rules using destination IP addresses, in addition to using source IP addresses, protocols, and destination port range.
  • Provides metrics view to quickly analyze potential issues by displaying resources such as zones, clusters, hosts, VMs, storage pool, and more. Administrators can navigate hierarchically to quickly locate the specific resource if an issue occurs.
  • Upgrade virtual routers, including multiple VRs, simultaneously, without bringing down the network and re- deploying it.
  • Migrate VMs and volumes directly from the primary storage source host to the destination host.
  • Supports simultaneous creation of multiple snapshots of the volumes associated with a VM.
  • Resize root disk on XenServer and VMware. Helps administrators avoid deploying multiple templates of the same operating system for supporting different disk sizes.

These new features are immediately available to all Rovius CP users and new customers in the Rovius CP 4.7.1 release.

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