Rovius Cloud: A Turnkey Solution for Enterprise Clouds

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In our previous blogpost, Accelrite CEO, Nara Rajagopalan, discussed on how the current cloud options are lacking for enterprises to build a comprehensive cloud strategy. Nara followed this with another post on what an ideal cloud strategy and solution for an enterprise constitutes.

We are pleased to introduce a new enterprise hybrid cloud product – Rovius, which helps enterprises set up hybrid clouds meeting the demanding needs of today’s business users.

Accelerite Rovius is an enterprise hybrid cloud solution. Rovius integrates compute, storage, virtualization and builds full-featured, fully managed enterprise cloud that is ready to consume in minutes. Rovius brings cloud-inspired infrastructure to data center that goes beyond virtualization, with self-service and unlimited scale. It also bridges the gap of on-prem infrastructure with public cloud for elastic and unpredictable workload needs

The platform, which is delivered as a software appliance supports off-the-shelf commodity hardware, and your choice of hypervisor and storage. It also features a powerful management service natively called Grace, a cloud-based service that brings operational simplicity and intelligence to enable organizations to effectively manage, scale and operate clouds at the lowest cost.

Unlimited infrastructure scalability with Rovius

Rovius is built on a proven technology, with more than 250 enterprise and large-scale telecom deployments. The platform is extremely scalable, with an architecture that has been tested to scale to tens of thousands of nodes with almost unlimited linear scalability and no downtime, even during upgrades

It’s suitable for any type of workload, including Web-scale applications, enterprise workloads, big data and real-time analytics. This capability has become increasingly important for enterprises as they look to launch big data/analytics projects to get the most value out of the large volumes of data they’re gathering.

Rovius features software-defined storage with an elastic data fabric for application-specific performance requirements. The storage component includes hybrid storage support, policy-based data placement, at-rest encryption and data compression.

The solution has integrated virtualization, but enterprises can plug in the hypervisor of their choice, whether it’s VMware, KVM or Hyper-V. That enables them to leverage their investments in existing hypervisors and pay only for compute and storage.

Rovius is hybrid by design, so enterprises can have seamless federation with public cloud services including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. For users, there’s a single access point for whichever cloud on premise service they need. For managers, role-based access controls determine which users can access to particular services on pubic clouds.

Grace provides operational visibility and intelligence, integrated management of the full technology stack, and remote management. The software lets enterprises analyze data in real time, monitor utilization trends and predictably add new capacity. With these capabilities, Grace can help reduce operations costs by as much as 70%.

Future-proof your IT investments

Rovius along with Grace gives enterprises the ability to know everything that’s happening within the platform, and enables them to maintain the highest levels of availability and user experience. They can proactively analyze, detect and communicate any system faults that might arise. The operational simplicity enabled by products such as Rovius and Grace allow enterprises to future-proof their IT investments even in the face of such dramatic changes in technology development.

The benefits of Rovius are not limited to end-user organizations. Telecoms, cloud service and hosting providers can also leverage the platform, for hosted private clouds, and managed on-premise enterprise clouds. The hybrid cloud federation lets service providers drive revenue from their public cloud, and they can sell higher-level, high-margin application services.

Accelerite also offers cloud providers the opportunity to co-sell Rovius to enterprises, for additional revenue.

Whether companies are using cloud services or delivering them, they do not need to be locked into limited options when it comes to selecting solutions. With Rovius, they now have another option to consider when building IT infrastructures to support ongoing digital transformation.

Learn more about Rovius.

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