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I’m happy to announce the availability of Radia 10.0 CP1 Release. With this release, Accelerite is delivering on the promise of updateable releases, which means that staying current with Radia is that much easier and removes the pain of migrating from a previous release. CP1 offers an extensive range of new features and enhancements, that will help you manage your Endpoint infrastructure much more efficiently. This blog article details what is new in 10.0 CP1!

Customers, often, encounter new challenges when new technologies get introduced by OS vendors such as Microsoft, Red Hat, and others. It has been our constant endeavor to bolster Radia with new features and the right enhancements to seamlessly resolve such new challenges. Cumulative patches and feature upgrades in Windows Endpoints are some of the major challenges faced by customers. CP1 comes with a solution to distribute such 100s of MBs of patches and upgrades efficiently to Endpoints. We’ve lined up many such new capabilities and I’m sure, you’ll be impressed with them. Here is a quick overview of what is new in CP1.

Updatable Release

10.0 CP1 is a minor release in the form of a patch, to be installed on 10.0 MR. It’s an MSP based, GUI driven cumulative patch that gives a much better user experience while installation:

  • Back up & Restore of the data before and after applying the patch
  • UI driven installation that includes OSM, Admin tools & Usage Manager for the very first time
  • Sentient Configuration Server (SCS) can be installed through CP1 patch GUI
  • Automated upgrade of Open source tools

Thus, customers can test and rollout these new capabilities quickly and more often, without experiencing the pain of migration while trying to upgrade to a new release.

Rebranding to Sentient

With our vision to consolidate the endpoint products into one stack, Radia and Sentient together will be called Sentient stack going forward. The 10.0 (CP1) patch installation will rename the product from Radia to Sentient. You’ll see the Core & Satellite consoles and agents reflecting the rebranded Sentient name and logo. Rebranding along with SCS bundling facilitate customers with an opportunity to experience and leverage the power of Sentient’s hyper-current and real-time query and analysis capability.

Peer to Peer (P2P)

Radia Peer-to-Peer (Radia P2P) is a contemporary and secure feature that allows efficient distribution of large cumulative patches, software or OS updates. It’s an optional feature that can be enabled or disabled and when enabled, distributes cumulative patches or OS upgrade through Software in P2P way, reducing the load on Satellite and bandwidth significantly. P2P is supported for Patch Management, Software Management, and Windows OS Upgrades through Software manager in CP1.

Windows Servicing Options

We’ve implemented Microsoft Servicing Options to seamlessly deploy Windows Security updates and Quality Rollup updates. Acquisition filters are enabled in the UI for Security Only & Quality rollups along with a date range, to facilitate a precise acquisition.

Redhat Linux patching

We’ve enhanced Radia RHEL patch management to support Red Hat Subscription Manager. This enhancement helps to manage security risks in Red Hat endpoints, helping the organization remain fully compliant.

Policy Wizard UI Enhancement

We’ve made the Policy Management wizard a responsive one. Now the wizard is consistent across layouts and the content in the wizard flows seamlessly on different screen formats. Better space management helps administrators see less of white space and more policies on the screen.

Delta Updates Support

Radia 10.0 supports Delta updates based patch management now and through this, only the differential binaries are pushed to the endpoints, compared to the heavyweight cumulative updates running into 100s of MBs. It helps reduce the load on the server and the bandwidth consumption. We rolled out Delta Updates support in January 2018 and we’ll be rolling out Delta Updates support for Radia 9.x versions in April 2018.

In addition, we’ve included several maintenance and bug fixes that improve performance, scale and usability.

You can find the build here and the documents here. Please download CP1 build today and try out the new capabilities. Continue to expect more great features and a more holistic IT solution from your Sentient stack team at Accelerite. We are committed to providing you the best solution and support of any vendor in the market. Contact your account manager to see how we can help you upgrade to the newest version of Radia. You can also check out some more Radia resources here.

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