The Challenge of Enterprise Security – Protect, Detect, and Correct

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At an executive panel at HMG 2016 Global Innovation Summit in Palo Alto, leaders from Accelerite, Intel Security, Netskope, Silicon Valley Bank, and Symantec got together and discussed  “The Challenge of Enterprise Security Today and Into the Future”.

The executives started with the simple question of why is it that some of the common, best security practices that have been around for years, are not being done today? The simple answer was, it’s hard. There are 14 billion connected network devices today and there will be 40 billion in five years. This massive growth is outpacing the resources we have.

IT has changed radically over the past 4-5 years. In the past IT was responsible for protecting the data within the four walls, today it’s protecting it from devices and sources outside the walls that IT doesn’t even manage. Not only that, but the size and the value of the information has increased. With the abundant vulnerabilities and the numerous ways you can get attacked, we have to come up with ways to protect the data—come up with a security plan, create a secure infrastructure, educate users, and create better ways to quickly respond to attacks with Real-Time Endpoint Security.

The panel went on to discuss everything from identifying critical business data, Endpoint Security and taking a risk based approach to cybersecurity to the concerns that the IT department no longer manages the IT assets of the company to the power of easy to use security technology to data being like rabbits. Watch the HMG Strategy Video (look for the title – ” The Challenge of Enterprise Security Today & Into the Future”) to get the insight on the rabbits’ comparison.

In closing Nick Shevelyov, CSO from Silicon Valley Bank, said it best, “Know thy self and know thy enemy and you will win 100 battles.”

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