Plugging the gap in endpoint security

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Security teams today are in a constant firefighting mode. Adversaries are using more sophisticated techniques than ever before to attack the expanding security perimeter of an organization which now includes not just physical workstations and servers but also mobile devices, public cloud, private cloud, and other IT assets.

The amount of data that security teams are flooded with from these endpoints is difficult to interpret in real-time and gets pushed to other systems so that it can be dealt with offline. This essentially means that any remedial actions that could and should have been taken right away are delayed, often with grim consequences. Recent research from Cisco revealed that more than one-third of organizations that were exposed to a cyber-attack lost more than twenty percent of revenue. Forty-nine percent of the participants said that they had to deal with public scrutiny because of a security breach. How can organizations sustain themselves if such attacks keep denting their bottom line?

There are multiple endpoint protection tools as well as detection and response solutions available in the market. But these solutions often fall short of being able to protect the cloud. Clouds are particularly vulnerable and difficult to monitor since virtual machines are constantly deployed and pulled down, various images are run by businesses, and it is usually hard to inject VMs with agents. The result is that companies end up implementing a fragmented security solution with multiple gaps open to exploitation. The best solutions available today do provide real-time monitoring, but they force security teams to take decisions based only on data available at that point in time, making them miss the bigger picture and trends that arise from analyzing historically amalgamated data.

Organizations need a real-time security and management solution that provides 360-degree visibility by letting them probe into just about anything from workstations to clouds and be instantly notified of violations. Security solutions also need a built-in analytics engine that can process and visualize data from multiple sources as it arrives. Our whitepaper “Advanced endpoint management and security: Real-time visibility and remediation for today’s enterprise assets” explores this theme in detail and attempts to explain how IT can proactively monitor and manage based on real-time information to get an edge in a seemingly impossible war to win. Download the whitepaper here.

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