Manufacturing IoT: Unleashing the Full Potential for Lean Manufacturing

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Customer expectations of unfailing quality and rapid product delivery are forcing manufacturers to either step up productivity or risk losing business. Lean manufacturing, a concept developed by Japanese automakers, promotes systematic elimination of waste within a manufacturing system. Lean manufacturing can lead to significant improvement in quality. The Internet of Things (IoT) and specifically manufacturing IoT opens up a vast array of possibilities for advancing lean manufacturing with its network of connected tools.

Dean Hamilton, General Manager of Accelerite’s IoT business, explores how the intersection of lean manufacturing and IoT has the potential to revolutionize manufacturing efficiency in his article, Industrial IoT All Set to Turbocharge Lean Manufacturing.

How Manufacturing IoT and lean come together

Information collected from connected devices provides unprecedented opportunities to make improvements in design and production. Manufacturing IoT can create a closed-loop process where data iterates back up the production chain. According to Dean, the potent combination of IoT, analytics, and lean can exponentially increase efficiency across the manufacturing lifecycle from optimizing supply chain logistics to streamlining the distribution chain.

Making sense of Manufacturing IoT data through analytics

The ability to derive meaningful insight from data lies at the heart of reaping benefits from IoT. Manufacturers will need an analytics platform that will enable them to drill down into IoT data through simple dashboards. This can help them identify patterns and discover glitches that can directly result in creating leaner operations.

Dean believes that the most significant transformation in the implementation of lean will be through the use of artificial intelligence. AI can help reach refined levels of big data analysis that are beyond the capabilities of human analysts.  IoT, analytics, and AI will enable smart factories to function with extraordinary efficiency and create the right products at the right time. Read the complete article here.

An IoT service creation platform such as Accelerite Concert can play a central role in implementing IoT in manufacturing and help manufacturers realize the dream of “smart factories”. Learn more about Accelerite’s big data analytics platform for powerful insights and dashboards.

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