Is SDN the answer to simplifying CloudStack deployments?

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Apache CloudStack is one of the most mature and sophisticated open source platforms available today for creating Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) clouds.  Indeed, it has many real-world, large-scale public and private cloud deployments. However, enterprises embracing CloudStack for building scalable cloud environments need to closely examine their complete infrastructure, particularly their network. A key aspect of deploying a cloud with superior and reliable performance involves virtualizing the network through software-defined networking (SDN).

While CloudStack networking has evolved over the years, there remain considerable gaps in managing and extending its network infrastructure. Technology leaders at many enterprises continue to endure the pain of its statically provisioned and managed networks. Compute management systems have evolved to a level where they can promptly deploy virtual machines within seconds, but it still takes hours and sometimes days to set up a network that provides the best path. There exists a disparity between the agility of CloudStack networks and the applications that they cater to.

SDN can transform CloudStack networks into open and programmable elements of the greater cloud infrastructure. In doing so, SDN reduces the complexity of CloudStack deployments by delivering:

  • Distributed network services to improve performance
  • Intent-driven and policy-based frameworks to enable network automation
  • Network visibility and in turn network analytics for efficient network infrastructure planning

Accelerite recently presented a paper on “Effective SDN for CloudStack” at ApacheCon North America 2017.  The paper explores the applicability of SDN solutions to improve network performance, management and planning for users, reviews various open source approaches to SDN in CloudStack, and finally paves the path for in-depth dialogue in the community. Take a look at the paper here. You can also listen to the presentation recording here. Feel free to reach us at if you have any queries.

On a related note, Accelerite has launched its enterprise hybrid cloud platform, Rovius Cloud, that lets you build an on-premises cloud in minutes using commodity hardware. Rovius Cloud upgrades with no downtime and lets you painlessly expand workloads to a public cloud. Learn more about Rovius Cloud here.

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